Sunday, April 28, 2013

Susie Jasper for GQ

Back in 2011, a small community of farmers and construction workers, participated in the national lottery called El Gordo. All but one household picked the same numbers and together they won the $950 million jackpot. 

This editorial, photographed by renowned photographer, Geof Kern, is featured in the May issue of GQ and is based on the story of this villageand it features our very own, Susie Jasper doing hair + make up.

Photographer: Geof Kern
Producer/Wardrobe/Sets/Casting: Katrina Doe Parker
Production/Casting Assist: Melissa Cherry
Stylist Assist: Jill Schlichenmaier @ OnSet Management
Photo Assist: Erica Felicella & Emily McCartney
Tech/Retouching (& Tractor): Chris Stoll & Mary Brandt Stoll @ Imaginary Lines
Sets & (LOTS of) Dirt Moving: Katrina Doe Parker, Allen & Crew
Beast Talent (Penny the Cow): Paige Anderson
Hair + Make Up: Susie Jasper @ Seaminx
Models from Kim Dawson & Wallflower
Newsman: Torben Espensen

If you would like to read more about the village, here is a little more about the event that changed their lives.

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